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- Le Mardi 06 Décembre 2016
sortie ciné en Langue étrangère


Critique du film I Daniel Blake de K. LOACH vu par les TLGT le 29/11/2016
"I Daniel Blake" is a movie which tells the story of Daniel Blake, a carpenter of 59.
As a result of a heart attack, he is forced to use social assistance.
During his appointments at the job centre Daniel meets Katie, a single mother with her 2 children.
They will help each other throughout the movie.
One of the scenes which moved me most is when Daniel Katie and her children are at the Food Bank. Katie is uneasy and very hungry, (for she hasn’t eaten for 4 days).
She opens a can of tomato sauce and tries to eat it.
This film is very moving because the characters struggle to survive. We can see real people who don’t have much money.Daniel Blake is a hero.
He wanted to denounce the unfairness of the Establishment.

M. Millot TES