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Critique de film en VO par les TLGT

- Le Mercredi 07 Décembre 2016
Critique de film en VO par les TLGT

A hero? I think everyone could be a hero but a hero like Daniel Blake, a few people could be.

M. Blake seems to be a simple man, and so he is ; but this simplicity makes him an exceptional man.

In this film he is in the working class.

He is a carpenter.

M. blake devoted his last 10 years to healing his wife who was ill.

He found himself in a difficult situation whe he lost everything he owned.

He made a wonderful encounter and would fight for these people.

No, I haven't summed up the story of a man who will save the world, but the story of an unemployed person who helps a family to survive even if he loses his life. It is a sacrifice.

A. Denis TES